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By affiliating with us, you access a robust income avenue. Harness the power of our pioneering tools and services to amplify your earnings, while empowering Amazon and eCommerce sellers with the innovative solutions they need to flourish.

Exceptional Commission Structure

Our partnership rewards you generously:

30% Commission on the 1st Tier: Elevate your earnings with a delightful 30% commission for every successful referral. Your dedicated efforts are mirrored in your rewarding commissions.

5% Commission on the 2nd Tier: Broaden your earning horizons, bagging an extra 5% commission for secondary referrals, enhancing your passive income streams.

The AMZIntel Advantage: Extraordinary Cookie Duration

Gain an unparalleled edge with our cookies, enduring a remarkable 360 days. This longevity outshines 90% of conventional affiliate systems, ensuring you reap the benefits of your referrals more extensively and efficiently.

How It Flourishes: Steps to Success

Sign Up: Enroll effortlessly, embracing your new venture.

Promote: Propel AMZIntel’s revolutionary services using your unique affiliate link.

Earn: Augment your earnings with every fruitful referral, witnessing your success soar.

Invitation to Fellow Sellers

Invite your fellow Amazon and eCommerce sellers to explore our transformative platform, cultivating a community where sellers evolve and triumph together. Your referrals bolster your earnings, fostering a thriving affiliate journey.

Continuous Support and Empowerment

Arm yourself with a wealth of resources and steadfast support, ensuring your affiliate endeavors are continually nurtured and optimized for success.

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Immerse yourself in a partnership where success knows no bounds. Together, let's forge a path of unprecedented achievements and mutual prosperity.

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